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As part of a week long design bootcamp, I was challenged to complete a personal project that reflected a given theme. The theme for this design bootcamp was "Into the Wild"; a mantra that was expressed throughout the experience. It acted as a prompt that allowed me to think about the things that provide me peace and serenity outside of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As I reflected on the theme, I thought about my camping trips and the items I bring to have a safe and fun adventure. I realized that a perfect complementary piece to my excursions would be a toolkit, where the toolkit itself could be broken down and used.

2lz Toolkit






1 week

Branded as the 2lz Toolkit, this toolbox is designed with T-slots so that it can be easily dismantled and put to work during any camping trip. Twenty feet of paracord, two rulers, two saws, a bottle opener, and a cutting board are incorporated into the sleek design so that you will always be prepared to take on the wilderness.




Referencing detailed drawings that I created in SolidWorks, I crafted each wooden piece of the toolbox out of soft maple using a band saw, milling machine, and an electric belt sander. Once each piece was fabricated per the specifications, I rasterized the 2lz Toolkit logo onto the back face of the toolbox using a laser cutter.

Concept & Construction