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During the first term of my Master's program at Northwestern, I worked on a team that was paired with a group of mentors from Procter & Gamble. Our team was tasked with conducting research and designing a product that P&G could leverage within a major consumer goods market segment. Over the course of a ten week period, we were challenged to empathize with consumers so that we could identify major tensions and touch-points. Our team conducted a set of in-home interviews and then synthesized that information using a number of frameworks and consumer maps. Upon completing our design, we pitched our solution to the P&G Ventures division. Later, we were informed that they would secure the intellectual property.


Note: This project is currently under CDA, and therefore the details and contents contained on this page have been generalized to comply with the agreement.

Product Design Studio

Sponsored by P&G






One Term (10 weeks)

After getting briefed on the project by our mentors from P&G, we were tasked with conducting primary research with consumers who had been prescreened. Our team conducted eight in-home visits where we were able to question, listen, and observe. Using the notes and recorded content from those interviews, we worked to identify standards of excellence, construct a consumer journey map, and create frameworks to uncover tensions and touch-points. From this information, 12 low-fidelity prototypes were designed and put in front of consumers during on-site (i.e. at Northwestern) user testing.

In addition to presenting a final design, our team guided P&G to a whitespace that they could continue to pursue. The goal was to allow P&G to develop our design further, and eventually bring it to market. As a result, we provided them with a list of recommended next steps and developed a consumer pitch based on our product.



Team of 4

After conducting this first round of user testing, our team made sense of consumer's reactions by creating another set of frameworks and refining design requirements. Based off of feedback and findings, three new prototypes were designed, and then consumers were asked to return for a second round of on-site user testing. The iterative process allowed our team and mentors to converge on a final design.

Prototype Testing & Synthesis

Final Deliverables